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Research project offer

Numerical modeling of free surface flows. Manning friction coefficient in 2D vs 1D: What relationship?

Programme d'études visé
Mastery with memory & Ph.D.

Domaines de recherche
Génie de la Construction, Génie Mécanique, Personnalisée


Problem: The use of the two-dimensional hydraulic numerical model is becoming more widespread to represent natural flooding or flows following dam failures.

Precisely, for the failure scenarios, the characteristics of the resulting flows are often so exceptional that there is no data available for the calibration of the Manning coefficient. The value of this coefficient is not the same for a given flow depending on whether a 1D model or a 2D model is used because of the difference between the phenomena represented in the two types of models. Several references in the classical hydraulic bibliography propose ranges of values ​​of the Manning coefficient as a function of the characteristics of the bed for a 1D model. These references can be used when there are no measurements for calibration.

An empirical or theoretical relation would allow the 2D transfer of the 1D model references. Objective: The main objective of the project is to determine the values ​​of the Manning coefficients to be used for horizontal two-dimensional hydraulic models, in particular for rare flood events and for which there are few or no measurements of hydraulic variables the calibration.


Grant for 3 years for a Ph.D and 1.5 year for a M.Sc.

Autres informations
Partner involved: Hydro-Québec
Beginning of the project : 2017-11-01

Candidat recherché
Good academic record. Good skills in IT

Responsable à contacter
Azzeddine Soulaimani, Professeur
Mechanical Engineering