Alain April
Available projects:

    Web driven cout case protocol helper: The new case protocols of governemts are causing lots of headaches to lawyers. This is mainly becaus government wants to fasttrack cases and unclog the court cases pipeline. What is difficult here is that coordinating dates for each planned events and producing the form could be mechanized. The project aims at creating a Web site so that parties involve could work on a common calendar and follow the steps of the protocol et enfin produire le formulaire automatiquement à la fin. Our contact is Francesco Calandriello, lawyer that can help with the interpretation of the business rules. A small bursary is available for this project. 

    Prediction of defective parts using ML
Help develop a prediction algorithm for the car parts manufacturing industry. We have all of the robot production data for each part, variable and charactiristic (x,y, z). We are working on a grant in .Net/Azure technology. You will use the data to experiment with Azure Machine Learning.

    Big Data for HealtchcareNo better place than the Bioinformatics/Genomics project created by the AmpLab: University of California Berkeley to master ML in healthcare. Work with us on a new open source BigData DNA sequencing, visualization, provenance and analytics pipeline named AdamDevOps and SCALA developers WELCOME. Look at the reports from our students (all in French): Anna Klos,  Jean-Francois Hamelin and Jean-Philippe BondJean-Francois Hamelin,Jean-Philippe BondSébastien Servoles, David Lauzon, Michael Rudeen, Simon Grondin et Diego Alvarez. We are using Docker to move seemlessly from LapTop to AWS to demonstrate HPCC concepts using Spark

    (PACIQ): We need your help to continue with the evolution of the quality improvement and certification software (PACIQ) to be deployed at Sainte-Justine hospital as a first trial version. Following our prototype version 0.1, we expect small evolutions to be done to the front-end (Microsoft .Net 4, IIS7 and SQL Server) and Backend (Microsoft SSIS, SSAS and SSRS) following the trial period.

    (Your Genomic Report): Pharmacogenomics is the link between genomic and medication. We know that some patients are at risk when taking medication. We should do everything to prevent them from taking these medications. Continue to evolve the prototype to add other medication than Clopidogrel and Warfarin to the trial. Improve either the front-end or back-end (Hbase, HDFS, SSH, TomcatRest, JSON, Docker) or the report module (Java, HTML).

   Online survey software for the health industry: Work at the study, the design and the development of a survey system (i.e. a bit like survey Monkey), for doctors and nurses. Continue the work of Sébastien Dion (using Sping and Hibernate). Doctors, ( for example: must follow-up on patients to adjust their treatments. They need to know how things are going to act quickly when symptoms appear. This requires all kind of surveys to be sent to patients. Doctors cannot continue this by hand and would like to have an intelligent system to help out. Continue the work of Sébastien Dion and Hicham Tazouti.

     PaintBall Sentry: A just for fun project that is trying to find and shoot at moving targets (this is similar to the turret in Call of Duty). There are 3 sub-projects in this project: embedded software, vision software and turret management software: calibration, recording:

           1- Work on the vision algorithms;

           2- Work on the robot manager software that controls all the elements (state machine)

           3- Be part of the Mechanical Engineering team to enhance the robot.



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