Alain April

Alain April
Full Professor - Department of Software and IT Engineering

Hello, I am full professor of Software Engineering at the University of Québec (ETS). With more than 30 years of healthcare, finance/banking and telecommunications, my specific expersise is in: Big Data, Cloud Computing, database and BI, machine learning, software quality assurance, maintainability and IT process mapping/conformity. I am comfortable with practical applications, the use of open source technology and technology transfer to industry. 

Winner of the ISO award for higher education in standardization (in 2011), I am currently a canadian representtaive on two ISO committees: wg9 -BigData and SC38 - cloud computing/distributed systems. I have also published books on: Software Maintenance Management and Software Quality Assurance


Contact info

Office: A-4467
Phone: 514 396-8682
Fax: 514 396-8405