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Offre de projet de recherchhe

Manufacturing of novel acoustic insulation metamaterial for aircraft‘s sidewalls: technology and validation

Programme d'études visé
Maîtrise avec mémoire

Domaines de recherche
  - Génie Aérospatial
  - Génie Mécanique


Sound pressure levels in aircraft cabin are similar to a noisy work place. One of the most disturbing noises for passengers is a low frequency tonal noise related to the engine fan during take-off and approach. One way to reduce cabin noise is to use efficient thermal acoustic insulation blankets between the interior trim panel and the exterior shell.

However, conventional acoustic materials (ex.: glass wools) have reached their limits in terms of sound proofing, and non-conventional ones, such as metamaterials, need to be industrialized. This global project aims at fabricating sound insulation blankets integrating novel acoustic insulation metamaterial (AIMM). In the framework of the proposed Master’s project, the AIMM will be made of an array of acoustic resonators embedded in a lightweight porous matrix.

The Master student will first identify the most suitable base material for acoustic resonators and an appropriate technology for their manufacture, fabricate the optimized resonators and characterize their architecture, geometry, mechanical and acoustical behavior.

The Master student will then develop different concepts to manufacture acoustic resonators using appropriate additive or other manufacturing techniques.

The Master student will optimize the mechanical links between the resonators (numbers, geometry, mechanical properties), and investigate the possibility of fabricating the whole array of such resonators.

Finally, the Master student will investigate the integration of the array of these acoustic resonators in an existing sound package and propose the most promising and easily scalable method for their manufacture.
In the course of studies, the Master student will spend 4month in a large multinational group to benefit from their facilities and best manufacturing practices.

Financial support is provided for 2 years (18 k$/year)

Autres informations

Début du projet : 1er janvier 2018

- The Master student will be part of a multidisciplinary inter-university team and will be working on a major CRIAQ international project.
- The Master student will be supervised by Pr. Brailovski and Pr. Doutres at ÉTS and cosupervised by Pr.Atalla at Université de Sherbrooke (GAUS).
- The Master student will also work in close collaborations with industrial partners .
- During the 2 years project, the Master student will have a 4 months internship in a large multinational group.

Candidat recherché

Student with a strong background in mechanics, manufacturing and materials science. Knowledge on wave propagation, acoustics and vibration will be an advantage.

Responsable à contacter
Doutres Olivier, Professeur au Département de génie mécanique
Téléphone:  514 396-8514
Télécopieur: 514 396-8530